MealGuide - Healthy Diets and Meal Planner

June'20 - Present • Freelance Work


I have been working on the MealGuide application for over 1.5 years now where I am handling all the development aspects involving iOS, Backend, Database, Web as well as the design and user experience of the App.

Devika (founder) reached out to me with an idea and some basic requirements in June'20 and since then we have been working together to convert them into a feature rich application that can help user's follow nutritious diets and eat healthier food.

The application is available on the AppStore ✨.


With this project, I have focused on learning the best development practices with modular codebase and latest offerings by UIKit. Along with the technical development, I have spend numerous hours designing each component to make the app feel furnished and high quality.

I learned how to create Design Systems for reusability and correct use of MVVM with dependency injection and services.

Tech Stack

Swift, Combine, MVVM+C architecture, IAP, Firebase, NodeJs, React, MongoDB + Realm.